Tax Relief

Many taxpayers who face serious tax problems attempt to resolve them without help. But mistakes made due to lack of experience have the potential to threaten a person’s business and livelihood — or even lead to criminal charges. The IRS has a team of professionals — level the playing field with a team of your own.

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Every Tax Problem Has A Solution

At Daniel Rosefelt & Associates, LLC, Attorney & CPA, we work diligently to solve serious tax problems. Our staff offers a multidisciplinary approach to solving your tax issues, using a series of solutions to achieve your individual goals. Here are some of the tools and techniques we use:

  • Installment agreements — We have years of experience negotiating realistic payment plans with the IRS and state tax authorities
  • Offers in Compromise — Our office fully analyzes your situation and develops an effective Offer in Compromise (OIC) strategy
  • Release of liens and levies — Experienced counsel can sometimes attack the validity of a lien or obtain subordination/discharge for one
  • Bankruptcy tax relief — Depending on circumstances, some older tax liabilities can be discharged through bankruptcy
  • Innocent spouse relief — If your former spouse was responsible for the tax liabilities, you may be eligible for relief under the innocent spouse provisions
  • Audit reconsideration — By utilizing IRS audit reconsideration procedures and other administrative remedies or appeal rights, we can request a reduction in the assessment of your tax liability set forth in the “Notice of Determination”
  • Penalty abatement — You may be eligible for penalty relief for failure to file taxes or failure to pay taxes on time
  • “Currently Not Collectible” status — By providing information to the IRS, we may be able to persuade the IRS to place your tax liabilties in “currently not collectible” status
  • Tax litigation — We have extensive experience representing clients in the U.S. Tax Court, challenging proposed additional taxation from an audit or examination. We are also experienced in making denials of Collection Due Process (CDP) requests to counter IRS enforced collection activities
  • State tax issues — In addition to IRS tax problems, we can also address income, sales, use and employment tax issues involving Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

There are many possible solutions for any particular tax problem. The right one depends on your particular situation and goals. When representing you, we will use our vast experience and knowledge to craft a tailored tax solution for your issues.

Tax problems can happen to anyone. A business downturn, serious illness, loss of employment or divorce can overwhelm your resources — and that can lead to unpaid taxes. You may soon find the IRS or state taxing authorities knocking on your door. Don’t go it alone with the IRS.

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