Tax Controversy

Tax problems can happen to anyone. A business downturn, a serious illness, or even an unexpected surge in business that overwhelms your resources, can lead to a missed tax payment or unfiled return. Sometimes, one missed payment or filing can cascade into a series of unfiled returns, missed payments, large penalties, and a serious tax problem. You may then find The IRS or state knocking on your door.

Having a serious tax or financial problem can be very similar to having a serious illness. Your entire financial well-being can be on the line—your job, your home, your business and your and your family’s security can be in jeopardy. If you want to find the best solution and want tax relief, you need to seek help from the best attorney you can find.

At Daniel Rosefelt & Associates, LLC, Attorney & CPA, we know how to help solve serious tax and financial problems and let you sleep again at night. Our attorney has helped hundreds of business owners and individuals find solutions to what seemingly insurmountable tax and financial problems. Our attorney has a keen understanding of the law, the available solutions, and on-the-ground business experience. Let us lift the burden off of your shoulders, and put it on ours. We deal directly with the IRS so you don’t.

Diagnosing Your Tax Problem to Find The Right Solution

Not every medical problem causes the same symptoms or requires the same treatment. Not every tax problem requires the same solution. Just like your doctor, we carefully diagnose your particular tax problem so that we can prescribe the right way to get the best possible tax relief. Because we take the time to thoroughly understand your unique situation, we find the right solution for you, not the one that worked for our last client. We are skilled at using all of the tools available to help our clients resolve their serious tax issues–from Audit help to Offers in Compromise to Innocent Spouse Relief to installment agreements to discharging tax debt through bankruptcy.

Let Us Help You

Our lawyers have helped hundreds of people throughout the Greater Washington region and the nation successfully solve their tax problems and financial issues and move forward with their lives, free of debt and worry.

If you are facing serious tax and financial problems and are looking for tax or financial relief, Daniel Rosefelt & Associates, LLC, Attorney & CPA’s experienced tax attorney can help you. Located in Bethesda, Maryland just minutes from Washington, DC, our clients come from throughout the Greater Washington, DC Region and the US.

Let us help you.