Daniel Rosefelt & Associates, LLC, Attorney & CPA is a Washington DC metro-based tax law firm with a national practice representing clients with serious tax problems. Daniel Rosefelt uses a multi-disciplinary team approach to find a comprehensive solution for each client’s tax problems and financial challenges.

We solve serious tax problems. 

We stand by clients facing serious civil and criminal tax issues.  Business clients are often at risk of losing their company’s financial assets, good will and customer relationships.  Individual clients commonly face the potential loss of a government security clearance, professional license, their home, savings and income.  These risks can arise from a variety of circumstances, such as an IRS or state levy, judgment lien, audit, garnishment, business or personal crisis, divorce or even the death of a spouse or family member.

When your livelihood is at risk, you don’t need cookie-cutter solutions.

We believe that clients require representation from a tax attorney that understands and respects the confidential nature of their problem and seeks the right solution for their particular situation and goals. Daniel S. Rosefelt, Attorney & CPA, is one of the leading tax attorneys in the Washington, DC metro area. He has over 20 years’ experience representing clients throughout the United States with serious IRS tax problems and is supported by an experienced legal and professional staff.

The IRS has a team of attorneys, accountants and auditors to represent their interests.

Level the playing field with a professional team with knowledge, experience and skills to match the IRS’.  If you’re looking for a dual-licensed tax attorney and CPA with expertise in handling complex IRS tax issues, engage Daniel Rosefelt & Associates, LLC today to defend you or your business.

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Meet Daniel Rosefelt

Daniel Rosefelt has over 20 years of experience in solving complex civil and criminal tax problems for his clients. He regularly appears before the Internal Revenue Service, the Comptroller of Maryland, District of Columbia Office of Tax & Revenue, and other state tax agencies for a variety of serious tax matters. Mr. Rosefelt’s clients often face a variety of challenging tax problems and include executives, business owners, government workers, professionals, doctors, lawyers and even fellow Certified Public Accountants.

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